What is Thermal Imaging?2017-07-11T07:06:32+00:00


All objects emit infrared energy (heat) as a function of their temperature. The infrared energy emitted by an object is known as its heat signature. In general, the hotter an object is, the more radiation it emits. A thermal imager (also known as a thermal camera) is essentially a heat sensor that is capable of detecting tiny differences in temperature. The device collects the infrared radiation from objects in the scene and creates an electronic image based on information about the temperature differences. Because objects are rarely precisely the same temperature as other objects around them, a thermal camera can detect them and they will appear as distinct in a thermal image. This allows us to identify a number of potential structural or maintenance issues including:

  • Mechanical HOT spots
  • Moisture in walls and floor
  • Electrical HOT spots
  • Missing or defective insulation