ThermaSonic Australia is a dynamic and diverse Australian company, based in the North-East region of Victoria and catering for remote regional and worldwide clients.


Whether it’s a household roof-mounted solar PV system or an oil/gas production installation in Bass Strait, ThermaSonic can service clients with the most up to date technology on the market today.

These include thermal imaging which has become more than just a method of improving the visibility of objects in a dark environment and Airborne Ultrasound which can detect sounds not heard by normal human hearing. Today they are key components of preventative maintenance.

ThermaSonic understands maintenance departments are being asked to do more, often with less. That’s why, if you are in the maintenance and reliability field, you should contact ThermaSonic Australia, to help make better decisions about the health of your facility’s assets.

At the heart of ThermaSonic Australia ‘s philosophy is the belief that it’s time to move away from reactive maintenance to more predictive or condition based maintenance tasks. By using tools such as thermal imaging and airborne ultrasound can enhance predictive maintenance, equipment reliability, and energy conservation applications.

It’s all about using maintenance to get the most life out of an asset as efficiently as possible.

Experience Counts

Experience Counts


The company is experienced in all facets of electrical and mechanical disciplines involving domestic, industrial, commercial and heavy industrial maintenance.

The team has the high level of training and certification, allowing them to attend any project.

Above all, ThermaSonic Australia works to your company’s safety standards and policies at all times.

Local Thinking, Global Vision.

Local Thinking, Global Vision.


Whether it’s a domestic roof-mounted solar PV system or one of the world’s most technically advanced oil/gas production installation on the high seas, we can help.

ThermaSonic Australia uses the latest imaging technology to help clients get more out of their assets through maintenance.

CLIPS Program

CLIPS Program


At the heart of the ThermaSonic Australia proposition is their CLIPS program.

At ThermoSonic Australia we value:

Courage – Strength of character to do what’s right
Loyalty – Committed to each other and the company
Innovation – Actively find better ways of conducting our business
Professional – Striving for excellence
Safety and teamwork is our priority. Working safely together with respect, trust and a sense of collective purpose.

CARES Philosophy

CARES Philosophy


ThermaSonic Australia does this using their CARES philosophy.

ThermaSonic Australia Australia is:

Committed to service
Safety conscious

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