Airborne ultrasound is used extensively for condition monitoring, energy conservation and quality assurance programs in mechanical plants, throughout the world.

In Australia, ThermaSonic exclusively uses the UE Systems digital ultrasonic inspection systems detection equipment, considered the most technologically advanced.  

UE Systems has been the internationally recognised leader in this area since 1973.

The process can identify many potential problems, therefore saving time and money.  

The three main areas are leak detection, mechanical inspection/trending and electrical inspection.

Mechanical Inspection

All types of plant equipment benefit from regular mechanical inspection. Thermasonic Australia provides timely inspections that can warn of bearing failure, lack of lubrication, prevents over lubrication and be used on all bearing speeds whether they are high, medium or low. To do this, Thermasonic Australia calls on three methods for ultrasonic bearing monitoring, depending on the project at hand. These are:-

Comparative. Where similar bearings are compared for potential differences in amplitude and sound quality.

Historical. Where a baseline reading is created and then compared to future readings, for historical trending and analysis.

Analytical. This is a result of integration with the comparative or historical process that can identify anomalies that can be recorded and analysed via spectral analysis software.

Electrical Inspection

As plant owners and operators can attest, discharges due to arcing, tracking or coronas can lead to equipment failure and costly downtime. ARC Flash incidents can also cause significant injury or death. Thermasonic Australia offers electrical inspections using ultrasound testing at all voltages; low, medium and high voltages that can help prevent equipment failure and avoid costly downtime.

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