A building envelope is a physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building.

At Thermosonics Australia, this definition goes further. The envelope includes the complete, monolithic covering, almost like an impervious layer separating the inside of the building from the outside. But as we know, some building’s thermal, pressure and vapour envelopes are not solid and are continually compromised.

A building envelope investigation using the latest infrared technology can reveal air leaks (air infiltration or exfiltration), heat loss, heat gain, insulation voids, wet insulation, and can locate moisture problems in EIFS walls.

Inefficiencies Cost You Money

Should any of the building’s interfaces or materials fail, or be installed designed poorly, the structure may suffer energy loss in cold winter months and/or excessive energy gain in warmer months.

The most common heat transfer modes in buildings causing energy loss or gain are convective deficiencies such as air leaks (exfiltration or infiltration) and conductive deficiencies such as insufficient, misapplied or damaged insulation materials.

On The Outside

An infrared building envelope inspection made by the team at ThermaSonic Australia can help to evaluate the integrity of your building envelope and detect defects in the envelope.

Exterior insulation and finishing system or EIFS is typically a low maintenance design but is subject to failures where the waterproofing surface coat interfaces with components of the building’s structure such as plumbing and electrical penetrations, windows and doors.

At these locations, there can be failures such as cracks due to workmanship, different expansion rates of the dissimilar materials and failures in the material or application of the waterproofing sealants.

Wherever the thermal envelope or pressure envelope of a building is breached, a ThermaSonic Australia infrared inspection is typically the most cost-effective, the highest rate of coverage diagnostic tool available to the property owner.

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