Today’s electrical systems are high performance and complex. Excessive heat relative to the entire system can be a sign of potential problems as these higher temperatures often indicate loose or faulty connections, improper wiring, ground faults, short circuits and other common problems.

Infrared Electrical inspections are an ideal method for inspecting electrical service equipment for defective components, poor connections, and overloaded circuits.

This most common application for infrared in industrial and commercial facilities helps reduce downtime and even, catastrophic failure.

ThermaSonic Australia provides professional infrared electrical inspection services covering a wide variety of electrical systems for clients and is the perfect tool for any Electrical Predictive Maintenance program.

Why Regular Inspections?

Through normal use, electrical equipment can become contaminated and corroded. Faulty assembly or poor installation may also lead to poor conductivity and raise the resistance level of electrical the components.

It is therefore recommended:

  • Every six months, control systems and equipment subject to movement and vibration be scanned,
  • Every 12 months, an infrared scan should be scheduled to pinpoint potential problems in primary and secondary electrical systems

Predictive Maintenance programs promote uninterrupted system operation and extend the useful service life of the equipment.

ThermaSonic Australia, together with leading-edge equipment and expertise, can pinpoint and repair electrical problems before equipment fails, ultimately reducing or eliminate operational downtime

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