Infrared Electrical inspections are an ideal method for inspecting electrical service equipment for defective components, poor connections, and overloaded circuits. The most effective way to maintain an electrical system is to detect any potential electrical failures and take the corrective action that will prevent any interruption of the normal system operation.

You can’t afford to have your plant out of operation because of an electrical system breakdown. Infrared scanning is the perfect tool for your Electrical Predictive Maintenance program. An Infrared Electrical Inspection is a cost-effective means to help keep your business in operation.


Preventative Maintenence


It is often difficult to determine if there is a ticking time bomb within your electrical system simply from a visual inspection.

With the help of Therma-Sonic Australia and our leading-edge equipment and expertise, you can pinpoint and repair electrical problems before the equipment fails. This will ultimately reduce or eliminate your operational downtime and keep your company on a profitable path.


Compliance and Safety Checks


All business and households should have annual electrical safety checks conducted to ensure the electrical integrity is maintained as consumer loads increase/decrease with the operational demand. Insurance companies are starting to insist on thermal image compliance inspections for your new and existing insurance policies, this can reduce the overall annual cost of your insurance policies.


Uncover Hidden Threats


To coin the phrase “we see what you can’t” is an understatement. Thermasonic Australia can reveal the smallest or most obvious anomalies within the inspected systems. Whether it be electrical/mechanical thermal inspections, Airborne Ultrasonic inspections or Solar PV Array inspections. We use the latest test equipment and newest technology to ensure the best results possible.

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