Mechanical infrared inspection is a perfect match between inspection technology and the target application. That’s because mechanical systems and individual pieces of equipment have moving parts and when they move, pivot, slide, push, pull, flow or rotate against each other or a surface, the result is friction.

Wasted Energy

Friction turns the kinetic energy of movement into thermal energy. And It’s the heat of friction that thermal imagers can detect. But when energy is applied to make a machine work, any excess friction will convert that electrical energy into heat, which is wasted – thereby reducing system efficiency.

Thermasonic Australia uses the latest infrared cameras to inspect customer facilities and help improve efficiency.

Wear and Tear

Reduced system efficiency can be a factor for some companies as they work to decrease their energy usage but perhaps an issue larger than increasing efficiency may be the drag created by friction, which has the negative consequence of causing wear between the moving parts.

Excessive wear leads to the premature and often catastrophic failure of moving parts which can be a danger to personnel, damage equipment and can shut down an entire production process.

The Benefits of Infrared Inspection

When used for mechanical inspections, infrared thermal imaging inspections can:-

  • increase safety
  • prevents downtime
  • reduce parts inventory and
  • prevent customer delays.

Infrared inspections of mechanical systems is a cost-effective way to find the excessive heat of friction caused by:

  • Misalignment of coupled equipment
  • Over/under lubrication of bearings
  • Over/under tension of belted systems
  • Excessive friction
  • Defective equipment

Talk to ThermaSonic Australia today about how your company can benefit from having an infrared inspection of their mechanical systems, as part of any preventative maintenance program.

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