As solar energy becomes an even more important element in the mix of energy generation, so too does the importance of the maintenance of Solar photovoltaic or PV systems.

ThermaSonic Australia Australia leads the way when it comes to electrical safety inspections of PV panels.

Why are inspections so important?

  • Infrared inspection of solar PV Panels can quickly find bad cells within a single panel or an entire array.  
  • Defective PV cells reduce panel efficiency and can lead to a premature failure of the panel.
  • When there is a defective cell somewhere in the string of cells, it can limit the current flow produced by the good cells.
  • A single PV cell in a panel is not designed to dissipate large amounts of excess heat. Without the ability to conduct, convert or radiate the excess heat out of the cell, it gets very hot.
  • The localized cell heating overheating creates “hot-spots” on the panel and they can get hot enough to cause secondary defects in the panel. Overheated panels can cause the cracking of the protective glass cover which allows moisture into the panel and the degradation of adjacent cells in the panel.Infrared inspection of PV solar panels should be part of the quality acceptance procedures of any new installation and for the ongoing maintenance of established arrays.To make sure that your system is safe and healthy, Thermasonic Australia’s safety inspections for solar PV systems is a cost effective and easy way to make sure that nothing is wrong with your system. For further information about contact Thermosonic.

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